Air Knife

Potholing with Air vs. Water
VACMASTERS designs and manufactures both water and air-vacuum excavation systems. They have done extensive research and field testing of potholing with air versus water for our benefit and at the request of a major utility. Even though VACMASTERS Air-Vacuum Excavation Systems all have water on board for the air, their test revealed that water is far more destructive than previously thought. The results are surprising, conclusive, and damning. What's more, they discovered that water is most dangerous at distances further away from the cable than anyone anticipated.

The basic difference between air and water is that even though both are fluids, one is a gas and compressible while the other is a liquid and non compressible. When air hits something solid like a buried cable, it compresses and flows around it. Conversely, water, being non compressible will try to slice through the cable. In fact, high-pressure water is used in manufacturing to cut steel plate.

5 Good Reasons to Switch to Air
1) Air is faster in most soils
2) With air, spoils stay dry for use as backfill
3) With air, you are not creating mud... and disposal problems
4) Air is much safer (for you and utilities)
5) Air won't damage roadbase (D.O.T. friendly)

VACMASTERS is the only vacuum excavators that allow you to use AIR 95% of the time... while still having water capabilities available. VACMASTERS give their customers the tools they need for fast, clean, cost-effective and safe utility excavation.


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