Our #1 Goal is Safety!

Stock Drilling employees are instructed that they are responsible not only for their own personal safety, but also for the safety of everyone around them. Stock Drilling personnel have a duty to stop work if an unsafe condition arises. Prior to beginning all field work a Health & Safety Briefing Meeting is conducted going over specific information to that site. All on site personnel must wear the proper personal protective equipment within our exclusion zone during drilling operations. Stock Drilling field personnel have completed OSHA 40-hour HAZWOPER and have been trained in CPR and first aid. Employees receive annual refresher training and are medically monitored. Stock Drilling employees participate in near miss accident reporting as well as weekly safety meetings. We are aware that every task must be performed safely. If you can not perform the job safely, do not do it!

Drilling Services
• Environmental
• Geotechnical
• Residential

Types of Drilling
• Hollow stem auger
• Mud & air rotary
• Cable tool
• Wireline core drilling
• Probe

Project Sites
• Retail gas stations
• Superfund
• Off road and limited access
• Industrial
• Landfill
• Residential

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